Monday Blues: Northstar Lite

The Blues: Spending a couple nights at a mountain bike park and riding for an hour, maybe an hour and a half, maximum. Like Mammoth, Northstar has developed quite a network of trails to entice mountain bikers to visit during the warm months. While most of the bikes were of the hardcore downhill variety, the cross-country breed was not without representation, heck I even caught an old school steel hard tail coming down the mountain.

During the summer Northstar hosts a CX, DH and Enduro race series, as well as the Tahoe Trail 100. There are women-specific evening rides throughout the season, which tops out with the Pumps on Pedals Women's Weekend in August.

Oh well, riding was not the main reason for this latest visit to Tahoe, that would be the Tahoe-Nalu Stand-Up Paddle Fest, but this short visit has left me inspired for "the Next Time".

nearing the bottom of what I believe is 'Liftline' trail

'Mineshaft' [?] trail emerging from the forest

the days last run