From the Archives: Mitch at Long Beach, 1995

not sure at which race in the series this was taken, but may have been the finale when he wrapped up the win

As with any good story, and many people, there are two sides to this one. The From the Archives a way back in January, may have presented a less than flattering view of Mitch. I believe the word I used at that time was ass. That said, he could also be a good and valued friend. 

When I was hit while crossing through an intersection by a left-turning driver, while on my way to work one morning, my mostly-new GT suffered more structural damage than my body. The rear brake bridge was snapped completely from the frame. For all I knew at the time, the bike was a goner. As Shop Manager of the Bicycle Doctor, it was Mitch who saved the day - breaking out his welding equipment, he reunited the frame and its wayward part, giving it another three or four years of life. Proving that he indeed did have a heart, Mitch did the work for no charge.