Cycling Claremont: Pitzer College Green Bike Program

The Green Bike Program. Many colleges and universities have one, or something similar. I have done a couple posts about this one at Pitzer College in the past. They have moved a couple times over the last couple years, or so - from a little shed-like structure, to temporary digs across the street, to this new facility, moved into during the most recent school year. As you can see they have installed a new Dero Fixit Rack bike repair station outside the roll-up door for riders in need of assistance when no one else is around. I wonder if it has had a lot of use already, the pump didn't seem to move air all that well - if you are riding on your rim, though, I don't think you would mind too much. By the way, the building looks like a great, light-filled, work space. 

Even though I was good no matter the implied suggestive requirement, I don't believe it is mandatory that your bike be green at the Green Bike Program.


  1. CenterlineRule,

    I've enjoyed reading your blog on all things cycling related. If you'd like to do a more comprehensive review/exposition on the Green Bike Program at Pitzer feel free to message me at Either way, keep up the good work!

    Sanford Glickman
    President, Green Bike Program
    Pitzer College '17

    1. That will be great Sanford. I will be in touch soon.


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