How Many Does it Take?

Yeah, the old joke wasn't originally made for either the Psycho-lists Dirty Chain Gang, or mountain bike flat tires. Never-the-less, and as the shoe fits, lets see if I can get it right:

1. One to hold the bike,
2. One to take off the rear wheel,
3. One to supply a new tube,
4. One to put the new tube in,
5. One to pump up,
6. Two to stand around and joke,
7. One to stand around and take photos,
8. One to discover the front tire is also flat,
9. One to supply a second new tube,
and repeat.

I think that covers it - nine DCG riders. Good thing we had that many this morning or we would have been in trouble. Seriously though, it was another awesome ride with a great group. As usual, some of the more technical sections put both my hardtail, and myself on edge. I would say this was a bit more advanced than the ride of two weeks ago, but bikes and riders came through unscathed. Two new sections of trail for me - the alternative to the crossing of the dam (quite a little climb involved there), and a goat track back up to the road. Follow it all up with breakfast, Portland Naked Bike Ride stories, a lot of laughter, and I could not have asked for a better start to the day. I don't think I am alone in that belief.