Cycling Claremont: Special Olympics Host City

Claremont is one of the regional host cities for athletes participating in this year's Special Olympics in Los Angeles. This evening the Ibis H. took me to Memorial Park where a concert  was held for all the participants being housed here; there are contingents from Curacao, Latvia, and the Republic of Georgia. Oh, and Bolivia, don't forget Bolivia (as I did when I originally posted). The Latvians seemed more interested in playing a little soccer along with the El  Roble cheer squad (who by the way were doing a terrific job at welcoming everyone), while the Curacaoians and Boivians were all into dancing to the tunes being belted out by the Ravelers. One of the athletes was very much into befriending everyone, and she wove her way through the gathered audience shaking everyones hand. 

If you find yourself around any event venues during the games, I encourage you to check them out; I am sure everyone participating, in whatever capacity, will appreciate it. Bonus, you also get to witness people putting their heart into doing what they love.

regrettably I did not have my good camera with me