Today Along the SGRT

this little critter was hurrying across the path, while dodging all the passing wheels and feet

How many times do we look to the west while driving Hwy 395 and see those switchbacks ascending the eastern Sierra? If you are like me, you are probably answering "not enough." But you always look, none-the-less, right? Then we read about the experiences of someone who rode them and promise ourselves, "one day." This is kind of similar, but much closer to home. I am not talking about the well-defined road on the left, manicured for the construction of the power line. No, I am talking about the almost indistinguishable one to the right. If I am not mistaken, they meet up somewhere before White Saddle, before continuing to climb up and over to Cogswell (actually, i know the well-defined one does, i am just not sure the two meet up). If you know your geography, this is one canyon (Van Tassel) west of Fish Canyon, where all the quarrying takes place. I don't mind admitting, but that looks steep, painfully so, and blistering hot. Surely someone has ridden it, but I will accept volunteers to give it a try, then tell us all about it. In fact I will go so far as to suggest Nick H give it a go - this would fit right in with some of the rides I have seen him doing lately.

i get so used to seeing this stretch of the river dry and brown, that it is almost shocking when there is water in it - a very short stretch between just north of the pedestrian bridge to the I10 crossing. today i decided to risk a pair of cleats to amble down the rocky, concrete embankment to reach waters edge

swimming hole! jump! looking south to the Huntington bridge