This Bud's For You, 10 June

Before getting on with this weeks awarding of the Bud's Crown, let me first say that my camera just is not liking the lighting along Puddingstone right now, and everything that happens up the road is just plain bad.

That said… this group of three made a pathetic attempt to trick me into thinking they were out front, and that their sprint [can I even really call that a sprint?] was the one for the money. Psycho-list antics, no doubt instigated by El Ricardo, King Richard himself. Never mind that Jenna and her breakaway companions had crossed a minute and more ahead of them.

"Shattered, shattered
Love and hope and sex and dreams
Are still surviving on the street
Look at me, I'm in tatters!
I'm a shattered

If the peloton could talk with a single voice, its words may have been something like those Rolling Stones lyrics. Shattered it was. Blown apart, probably, at least in part, by that damned wind. What remained of the tete de la course, the head of the race, was knocked out by a one-two punch from the guys of and as a result, this Bud's for you: