From the Archives: Bill Torres, 1995

From the get-go Bill infused Team Xtreme with a level of dedication that was guaranteed to bring positive results. Whether it was lining up a stellar group of sponsors and suppliers, or fostering a great sense of Team with a capital 'T', Xtreme quickly transformed from a bunch of disgruntled Cat 4s to a unit of motivated racers. New members joined for what they saw as a tightly-knit team that could help them achieve a goal. I have already mentioned Mitch Boggs, but other top athletes soon joined as well - Darren Rogers, Tony Zaldua, Desire Utzig, Shawn O'Donnell (Pro Downhill), Jesus Garavito, Glen Garrovillas, flocked over within the first year or two. It wasn't just the first couple years either (although I was only with Team Xtreme for two years before moving on); in the late '90s, maybe even as late as 2000, I was up at the Nevada City Bicycle Classic where some Xtremists were racing the Pro/1/2 race.

A little known fact about Bill - guy took the lane well before it ever became widely recognized as the safest place to be. I thought I rode far clear of the gutter line, but remember thinking to myself during team rides, "geez dude, move over this way a little."

Bill Torres, City of Commerce Criterium, 1995