Bikeshop Candids: City Grounds

City Grounds on 1st, between Linden and Elm, in Long Beach.

At the Long Beach Bike Fest this past weekend, things were still being set up when I arrived so, with the wife dragging me around, we found a coffee joint and settled in at an outside table along with a bunch of other cycling types. When the wife said "hey look, a bike shop", I didn't need the hint, as I had already noticed it. "Yah, City Grounds" I replied. Their reputation preceded them, and I knew their name and fame, though I, previously, lacked an opportunity to visit.

I stuck my head in the door, then followed with my feet. The rise of City Grounds corresponds to the resurgence of the fixed gear bike - they carry some of the most tried and tested bikes in the genre. But they also stock many of the necessary accoutrements no matter what type of bike you ride. Well actually, I am not sure how much success you will have with finding a new pair of 29er tires and tubes. But for anything else, check them out when you are in the Beach.

I especially like their price board - no wondering if you are being soaked for a repair because, as a riding and mechanical newbie, you don't know much about bikes - the prices are right there - accept them or don't. I also like their line up of bikes; they have a few walls worth of nice ones, especially if single-speeding is your thing. In fact there was one that was so nice, I am going to do some research, then give it its own post. No hints, but anyone know which I am talking about?

Back outside I relaxed some more with my coffee, and then later in the day with lunch. People came and went, in the shop's front door and, eventually, back out, the entire time. I would say a lot of new people, like myself, may have discovered City Grounds and visited for the first time, but equally as clear were the numbers of loyal locals popping into their favorite LBS.