2015 Bike Week, Day Three: This Bud's for You, 13 May

this Bud's for you

Out of sight, out of mind. That is what the lead trio must have been for, at least, the entire length of the Puddingstone Drive stretch. I mean they had crossed the line, swung the U-turn at the end of the street, and were standing in the median waiting before the bunch finally came into view. A big lead? Yes.

charge of the bunch

bunch sprint for 4th

Sorry for not sticking around for the slow ride back to town. I know it is the best time of the ride; the talk, how the break got away, why the chase couldn't close the gap, the bragging, the excuses. And all that. Unlike all you who can actually do the Bud's Ride, the best I can hope for is a fast ride to and from with no substance in between. Twelve or thirteen mph doesn't really cut it, and so I deny the bunch my presence. Or is that grant them my absence. 

Two more days of Bike Week, and plenty of events to join in on. Search them out.