2015 Bike Week Day One, Crazy Legs

Every week is bike week to this bunch of …, bunch of Crazy Legs p/b Psycho-list riders.

Seems like it has been forever since I last did the Monday ride.  Come to think about it, seems like forever since I last did the Thursday edition of the ride as well. Well, nine months is close to forever, and in all that time this thing seems to have thrived just fine in my absence. Truth is, I am not sure the whole riding fast, in a big group, in the dark really appeals much to me anymore. It is good to know that it [the ride] is there though, and that we, you and I, have the option, two opportunities each and every week to join in.

the Gathering

OTR leads the way

the 6:45 group heads out, they would be followed five minute later by the second group

Happy Bike Week everyone.