2015 Bike Week, Day Four: Bike to Work Day

If you missed the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition Pit Stop (with work stand maned by Jax Bikeshop right across the street) don't forget you can still join them at the Press, on Harvard in Claremont Village this evening, for Handlebar Happy Hour. You did ride to work today, right? So you deserve it, after all.

And how about that ride to work? Since the rain held off until late in the am, it turned out to be a heck of a nice morning for it. The dramatic sky, the cool air, the smooth-rolling Ibis, the goat head thorns… oh wait, that was a not so good part of the morning. The Pacific Electric Trail (PET) may not be a favorite route, but it does possess some advantages, none of which involve thorns or expanses of glass fragments. It is more relaxed, and there are other riders about, as opposed to the streets (enroute) which, mostly, seem to be devoid of other riders. Speaking of that, I completely forgot how utterly insane the streets around Cucamonga Middle School are during the morning commute. I will never understand why people put up with that mess when there are such obvious, and accessible, alternatives. Maybe someone should send them a memo.