Why Did the Caterpillar Cross the Road?

A couple weeks ago these fuzzy little critters were hurrying across the road every twenty feet or so. Today I didn't see a single one, so I am guessing their short caterpillar phase of existence is over, and they have all holed up somewhere for their transformation.

Bonelli's hills have pretty well thrown aside their Spring cloak in favor of the lighter, bleached Summertime mantle that they will wear for the remainder of the year. But even on the most sunburnt slopes, a hint of green remains and, if you know where to look, you can still find spots of brilliance - the gold of California's poppies, orange monkey flower growing among the cactus spines, magenta rock rose and, maybe the most bright of all right now, the red-orange of pomegranate. It is going to be a nice weekend, it is going to look even more so from two wheels. Get out and ride.