Upcoming: The 55th Nevada City Classic

Still a long ways out, maybe too far to give it much thought yet, but anyone from the southern part of the state heading up to challenge the Nor Cal racers at the Nevada City Classic, the second longest running race in the nation? The race website notes that the NCC will, once again be race #2 of the Sierra Historic Omnium, but clicking the link only brings up information from 2014. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. The combined $23,000 purse last year was certainly a nice pot sweetener. Nor Cal ruled the roost, but perhaps that is to be expected, seeing as how the race is run on home turf, or course, as the case may be. Still, it would be good to see a widening of the competition, a return to a scenario when riders came from across the country to challenge themselves, and one another, along Nevada City's hilly, historic, downtown streets.