This Bud's for You, 15 April

I have said it before, and i will say it again (right now in fact), that Michael F is a fount of cycling stories and lore. I mean we all have stories, but Michael has Stories. When I arrived at the median in time for the finish, he was there talking to senor Meza, the senior Rigoberto, also father of Miguel and Ruben. Michael speaks a little spanish, which is a little more than I do and which, in turn, left me plucking a word from the air every once in a while at best. Luckily he got tired of me standing there pretending to understand what was being said, and switched to english. This was good for me, but not so good for Mr. Meza, who was now left outside, listening in. Fortunately our little dilemma was resolved by the peloton coming around the far turn.

And a big bunch it was this evening, maybe the largest of the year. And maybe even more significantly, there was no breakaway ahead of the charge. The sprint went curb to curb and, if I am not mistaken, the Incycle rider led from the get-go all the way to the line. The Bud's crown this week is for you.