This Bud's For You, 11 March

Since today was the first Bud's Ride of the year, it would have been cool to say something like (especially given the colors in the sky) "and so the sun rises on another season of the Bud's Ride," but since the view is to the west that doesn't quite work. Of course saying "and so the sun sets on another Bud's Ride  season" isn't any better. So just accept the color for what it is, and realize that tonight was the first of many in a long season.

On with the show. A trio of riders came into view, charging toward the line as if they were going for the podium. There was no one else in view, all the way back along Puddingstone, so was that it? Did everyone else miss the memo about the first night? More than a minute passed, and I was just about to ask someone if there was any more to the group, when the big bunch finally came into view. As they came closer, another massive sprint blew everything apart. Did they not know all three steps of the podium were filled? Were those first three just pretenders to this weeks Bud's crown? 

I never did find out so, which ever of you hit that line first, this first Bud's of the year is for you.


  1. Those 'dusk' shots are pretty atmospheric Michael....

    1. Scattering some clouds across the sky certainly makes it dramatic, Trevor.


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