The CLR Effect Annual 2015: In Progress

Never too early to get this rolling.

You may notice, right off, the title. No more Seasons in the Sun. Short and to the point has normally been my way, so from here on out I simply call it what it is - the CLR Effect annual. 

There is still a week left to the month of March, and I have covered fifteen races already, with another three to go before the month passes away. That is already a lot of material to sort through, to narrow down, and select. There will be more writing tied to specific races for this year's edition, and maybe some random stuff too, to go along with the photos. Since it is intended as an review of races across the southland, I am going to attempt to work in results as well; that might be difficult, though, what with the 2014 edition at nearly one hundred pages, I am finding it hard to see how 2015 can do anything other than expand even more. That means a higher cost, so...

I am going to give this sponsorship thing a try again, it worked pretty well in 2013 to bring the price down, so why not. You can become a sponsor the the 2015 edition by purchasing an advertisement spot at the back of the book - $50 for a quarter page ad, or $100 for a full page ad. Those amounts are a pittance, right, and just think how many people will see them. If you are a business owner (does not even need to be a bicycle related business), or know someone who is, and might be willing to lighten their wallet, let me know via email so we can talk. The more contributions I receive, the lower the price will be, and in turn, the more people will get one and see those ads. Win - win. 

Don't forget, you can still purchase the 2014 edition online (see the yellow banner at the top of page), and the 2013 edition (at a reduced price) directly from myself.