Some Bike Lane Rehab

Whether you're a student carrying books to afternoon class at the Claremont Colleges, or a patron of fine libations carrying that growler to, or from, Claremont Craft Ales, you certainly would not want to hit one of those stretches of puckered and ruptured bike lane pavement unaware.

Monday afternoon I alluded to some bike lane-impacted construction that was set to commence. The said stretch of roadway is Claremont Blvd. I don't know how many people actually ride on Claremont, but I do know there are instances when it is the most direct route to here, or there. Too bad it has been such an uncomfortable one for so long. The roots from those magnificent pines which line the street between Monte Vista and Foothill have made keeping to the bike lane unbearable. If one were to attempt to keep to that narrow ribbon next to the curb, it is likely your derriere would be off the saddle more often than in contact with it. The puckered pavement has, of course, been as much a danger as a nuscience, with even the most brief moment of inattention likely to cause a rider to crash hard to the ground.

I image some of the riders on Claremont Blvd are students of the colleges and, though it seems unlikely judging by the numbers of vehicles overflowing from The Club parking lot onto surrounding streets, some may even be headed to or from that institution of fitness for their daily workout. A bit off-topic perhaps, but why does The Club not offer some kind of incentive for locals to arrive by bike - a few bucks off the exorbitant membership price, for instance? Coincidence is, the southbound Claremont Blvd bike lane is unrideable during certain times of the day anyway, due to the numbers of parked vehicles lining the streets' curb face and rendering the lane useless. That is a problem that repairing all those root-raised ridges and asphalt rends, cannot be fixed by the new construction.

Anyway, good news if you travel that route. Work will be ongoing through the week. Incidentally, the northbound side of the street is receiving the same treatment where needed.


  1. It certainly appears that road repairs are in the offing; at least according to the signage.

  2. I don't think of Claremont south of Foothill as being much better. When on that stretch I use the automobile lane if no cars are present.

    1. I am pretty sure I read someplace, sometime, that south of Foothill would be fixed too.


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