Here It Comes: 2015 US Cup and Kenda Cup West

There are a couple things in particular I like when the US Cup and Kenda Cup West makes its stop at Bonelli Park in San Dimas. First, naturally, is how close it is - I don't have to spend an hour or so on a freeway just to get to the venue. I get to ride - to the race, not in it. Second it is dust that I have churned through, rocks I have ground over so, even though many of these racers will be going as fast around hairpin turns as I go on a straight descent, there is a familiarity that I can relate to. 

Another thing, there are always riders you only infrequently get to see in person - multiple national champions, even world champions - it is a heightened level of racing action. The first face, this weekend at Bonelli Park is a UCI Category 1 race (the second race in the series at the end of the month, at Fontana is rated Above Category, while the third race, back at Bonelli in April is HC rated as well). Come check it out, it is going to be great.