When Decreasing Means Increasing

Typically I don't put much stock in weather forecasts - if a scorecard had been kept over the years it would probably be something along the lines of a tie game. When it matters, they are as often wrong as they are right.

That said, I was intrigued by this morning when I noticed the line item calling for decreasing clouds for Friday ahead of a few days of showers beginning Saturday. Looking outside, the sky was already pretty well covered  in grey matter - not fog, not those high, light, fluffy kind of clouds that tend to blow away with the first morning breeze. This was clearly heavy stuff - laden, slow moving and sinking. It looked to me as though a storm was coming in, building, not breaking up. And so the day progressed. Increasing clouds.

If someone had hooked up the doppler to predict how I would ride today, it might have come out with a more predictable forecast - weak with a strong probability of slop. Right on.

Four photos, forty miles:

brewing. if you could see far enough along that distant bend, you might notice Tinker Juarez. we rode past one another, yet again, one of many times on the SGRT / Hwy 39. and he still doesn't know who i am

running bank to bank

someone is missing their red sunglasses

"Green eyes and red sunglasses
Green eyes and red sunglasses
Breakin' the heart of every man that passes
Green eyes and red sunglasses"
- J.T. Hodges

brewing over the mountains. so much yellow down below