2015 KMC Chain Winter Series, Race Weekend #4

In my opinion just about the only thing that should be allowed to interrupt the playing of Peter Frampton's Do You Feel, would be the playing of the National Anthem. The refrain of "waking up with a wine glass in my hand" was belting out over the speakers as I trod around the start finish looking for pics. That was the perfect start to race day and, as it turned out, there was no need to cut into the song, it was allowed to play out - all fifteen minutes of guitar, rythym, keyboard, audience cheers and whistles. While Peter did some finger picking, the XC riders rode some short warm ups laps around the start area, or gathered in little clusters, discussing strategy and other secret stuff. When it was time for the day's action to get underway the National Anthem cut through the air, as it does every race day here at Southridge USA. It is an interesting moment, not everyone is aware at first, but gradually the realization spreads, riders come to a halt, hats are removed from heads and, whether it is in view or not, people turn in the general direction of where the flag is flying. 

A few minutes later the announcer calls everyone to the line, all nervous energy waiting to be released. The DH and Super D guys and gals are already lining up, they want to be first into the shuttle, but the call "Good Morning Southridge! Are You Ready For Some Downhill?" is yet to break whatever calm may exist. The XCers will be finishing up before that happens. Have two weeks worth of preparation since the last race here been enough? Only time will tell.

Three times this morning the lead trio of racers in the pro men's race flew past me, and in each of those instances Alfred Pacheco was riding point with his two breakout comrades following close on this rear wheel. At some point between the third passing and the finish, twenty to twenty-five minutes later, Jean-Louis Bourdevaire and Eric Boston overtook Pacheco and said goodbye, finish first and second and almost thirty seconds ahead.

Moving right onto the photos (for now) there are eighty-one in the Flickr album (all from the XC race). As usual, if you see a photo you like feel free to download it (credit where credit due, of course). Want more? Go ahead and order your own copy of the CLR Effect racing annual. There are two editions available right now (2013 and 2014), and you can preview them by clicking the 2014 Seasons in the Sun Book Preview button near the top of the right hand column, or under the title banner at the top of the page.