Cannon Fodder

In case you haven't heard yet, or even if you have, the climb (E. Cannon Avenue) of stage two during the San Dimas Stage Race is out this year. Looking at the course map it appears as though the route will make a short jog down to the Raging Waters parking lot, and back up as replacement before crossing the dam which, of course, is no replacement at all. The flatlanders must be cheering the news; sure there is still some suffering to get through during the first stage, but then they get two more opportunities to set things right. If any good comes from the change it may be that the race becomes tighter than ever. 

And if you are a climber, what do you do? There will be more pressure on the climbers to pick up time during the opening stage time trial, it is really their only moment to shine. The one climb of note left in the road race is Via Verde, a pretty minor note when you get right to it, one that is just not capable of forcing a selection. As a result it will be tougher for anyone to get away, setting up the potential for larger, more competitive sprint finishes. Hopefully this change will be a case of "one door closing, another opening", but I still can't help but feel disappointed at the exclusion.