A Host of Help

It takes a whole lot of assistance to put on a three day event like the San Dimas Stage Race. Volunteers are needed for all kinds of course related tasks, before, during and after each days' stage. Riders come from across the country, and sometimes even outside of it, and need places to stay. If you have a spare room with a bed, a couch, or such you can provide host housing to one, or more, racer coming into town for the March 27th, 28th and 29th races. To host, there are only a few minimum requirements: 1. be within thirty minutes of San Dimas, 2. bed space for each rider (couch or air mattress are okay), 3. kitchen privileges, 4. a safe place to store bikes. Hosts need not provide food or transportation. 

If you are interested check out the SDSR website and click on Volunteers. Hosts I have talked to have related coming away enriched by the experience.