2015 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium

I shouldn't have had to wear long sleeves for sun protection along with a wide-brimmed hat for another month, at least. I shouldn't have been subjected to sweat flying off racers rounding turns at forty miles per hour for another two months. At least. This wanton heat of February. Unwanted, unwelcome. Some years Roger Millikan is cool and pleasant, while others it is unseasonably warm. This year was the latter.

an early break in the Pro/1/2 race did its part in helping to heat things up

The Junior men 17-18 group is shaping up to be an especially interesting one to watch this year. Numbers seem to be up a bit, and talent is unquestionably there, not that there is anything surprising in that. Some of those 17-18 year olds have probably been around racing since toddler age, so their race savvy has increased right along with their strength. Today's race looked to be a showdown between Lux / Specialized and Team Rokform who, between the two squads, looked to be about half the field. If anyone else had plans for the day, they would need to figure that into them.

Attacking might not have been a bad idea, but only if a rider from each of the two big teams was included, and only if their teammates remaining in the bunch were alright with the selection. While there were attacks off and on during the race nothing stuck until the Lux duo of Imeh Nsek and Bo Knickman rode clear, and established an insurmountable lead. Lux would have made a clean sweep, as they did at the seasons' first race in Ontario, if not for Sean McElroy (NCCF / Team Specialized Juniors) being able to outsprint Ama Nsek (Lux) and the rest of the field, many seconds back.

One hundred fifteen photos have been uploaded to the 2015 Roger Millikan Flickr album, take a peek here. Races include the older Juniors, Masters 50+, Masters 40+ (4/5), Women 3/4, Masters 40+ (1-3), Women Pro/1/2/3, and Men Pro/1/2.

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