The God of the Mountain

You know, songs don't need to mention bicycles specifically, to be about bicycles. Take the two songs by Judas Priest I have previously mentioned (at some point in the past) - Turning Circles and Heading Out To The Highway. The word bicycle is not to be found anywhere in their lyrics, nor is any similar reference. Yet, because two wheels are what I think of first, it is no stretch of the imagination for me to read bicycle into the theme of these songs.

Such is the case with God of the Mountain, from the latest album by Nazareth, Rock 'n' Roll Telephone (2014):

No room for doubt
No time for fear

Sky high praise the God of the Mountain
Sky high praise the God of the Mountain
Feel the heart of Austria pounding

Gonna make the mountain mine
You can see that i'm not faking
Got a need for speed
For the thrill of the piste'
Austria in celebration

I wanna hear you rock those bells
As I come flying, the crowd is shouting
With everything I am
Gonna make my stand

Sky high praise the God of the Mountain
Sky high praise the God of the Mountain
Feel the heart of Austria pounding...

I mean, it is clear, right? You see it too? No doubt, no fear, speed, bells, flying, it's all there. Admittedly, the bit about Austria kind of skews it away from cycling (the song was the Austrian ski teams' official song in 2012-2013) but hey, I bet the Austrian Alps are as spectacular for cycling as are the Alps of France, or Italy. The remainder of the lyrics are pure cycling, and the driving riffs and beat will definitely help you get up, or down, the mountain faster. Can't wait to test that theory on my next GMR Friday.