Slow Sunday Scenes from the Village

Seemed like one of these was in order for today. There are a whole lotta races coming up on the calendar over the next few months, and opportunities for a Slow Sunday appear hard to find. Besides, the sun and warmer temperature (if you stayed out of the shade) seemed to be all the encouragement people needed to ride into the Village for the weekly farmers' market. I managed to work my little in-town cx loop into the morning (coming up soon as a Velo course), snapped a few photos, had some grub, and called it a good start.

Second and Yale, well Second between Yale and Indian Hill, is the spot. The market with all its stalls of produce and baked goods, plants, books, crafts, the musicians, everyone coming and going, adds a cascade of energy that enlivens what would otherwise be a quiet morning on a quiet day.

Second and Yale

the ever-popular bouquet leaving the market.

coming in with a classic cyclocross dismount...

and then breaking out the banjo to entertain the masses.

cargo hauler

the good doctor rides in.

the cargo hauler fully loaded

the rear-mounted crate basket

family affair

fours. note also the cool dog with his shades in the background.