2015 Ride in Peace Memorial

I am never quite sure how to introduce the annual Ride in Peace Memorial - so much can be read into the list of names, all that most of us will ever know of the people those names must, inadequately, represent. It could be part social / political statement about responsibility, of culpability in an age of increasing driver distraction, or negligence, the inadequacy of a transportation system that favors a single mode. The truth is, the list is all that and more. But most of all, and as I say every year, it is about community. A means of recognizing our commonality - whether we ride by choice or necessity is irrelevant - the one thing, that no matter what differences may exist between us, ties us together. The bicycle. My condolences to the family and friends of the riders listed here. People whose lives mattered. 

James Pica, 8 December, Perris
unidentified, 3 December, San Diego
Sergio Tapia, 20 November, San Pedro
Keven Jiang, 20 November, Irvine
unidentified, 18 November, Riverside
James Thomas, 1 November, Riverside County
Robert Castorena, 27 October, Carson
Jose de Jesus Ruiz-Villanueva, 26 October, West Covina
Logan Lipton, 22 October, Oceanside
Adolofo 'J.R.' Haro, 20 October, Los Angeles (12 October collision)
unidentified, 19 October, Compton
unidentified, 15 October, Los Angeles
Mark Heigel, 10 October, Lake Elsinore
Sergio Reynoso, 3 October, Cathedral City
Rodolofo Tejedor, 28 September, Mira Mesa
Kathleen 'Kat' Walker, 27 September, Orange
unidentified, 27 September, Cathedral City
Henry Miller III, 16 September, San Clemente
Maciek Malish, 13 September, Moorpark
Nadia Silva, 10 September, Huntington Beach
Eric Garcia, 9 September, Arleta
Jaimes Guadalupe, 30 August, Long Beach
Jeff Aubrey McGrath, 26 August, Palmdale
unidentified, 23 August, Malibu
Bradley Miller, 18 August, Bellflower
Jonathan Wilson, 2 August, Newport Beach
Yeny Vergara, 25 July, Crystal Cove State Park
Eric Steven Glasnapp, 22 July, Carlsbad
unidentified, 14 July, Garden Grove
Priscila Vallejo, 13 July, Santa Ana
Scott Breithaput, 11 July, Indio
Fernando Gamboa, 10 July, Hawthorne
Steven Garcia, 8 July, Montebello
Jose "Bizzy" Luna, 26 June, Highland Park
Suzi V. Remage, 23 June, Garden Grove
Shane Gainer, 21 June, Hemet
unidentified, 18 June, Newport Beach
Jorge Covarrubias, 16 June, Stanton
Roger Roux, 14 June, San Diego
Steve McDonald, 13 June, Huntington Beach
Adel Mikail, 12 June, Downey
unidentified, 11 June, Los Angeles
Manuel Enrique Mendoza-Hernandez, 7 June, Los Angeles
Heriberto Ruiz, 6 June, El Monte
Michiko Day, 30 May, Laguna Hills
Mark Jacoby, 26 May, Oceanside
Tim Kelly, 24 May, Joshua Tree
Virginia Gadberry, 21 May, Riverside
unidentified, 13 May, Los Angeles
Robert Horton, 4 May, Santa Ana
Andrew Fang, 1 May, Northridge
unidentified, 22 April, Bloomington
unidentified, 19 April, Lakewood
Brian Tomazic, 9 April, Westchester
unidentified, 8 April, San Diego
Timothy Binau, 1 April, Anaheim
Chris Rodriguez, 9 March, Boyle Heights
Tim Williams, 4 March, San Diego
unidentified, 24 February, San Diego
Richard 'Ricky' Montoya, 21 February, El Segundo
unidentified, 20 February, Escondido
Philo Ragni, 18 February, Granada Hills
Rose Peters, 5 February, Palm Desert
Emilio Simon, 5 February, West Covina (23 January Hit & Run)
Todd Barajas, 7 January, Palm Desert