2015 KMC Chain Winter Series, Race #1: A Bloody Fine Day

Alright, a new year of racing got off to a terrific start today on the brutally unforgiving cross country circuit at Southridge USA. There will be plenty more to come here, but I am going to try and get my own ride in today, so check back later tonight. In the meantime I am going to go ahead and dedicate this post and race report to this guy, who may have taken that bloody fine day thing a little too far. Bloodied, but unbowed, he carried on to the end:

Getting on with it, I am going to start with the photo link this time - the Flickr album has one hundred and two photos in it. As usual, the album contains only some of the many photos from the day; if you don't see who you are looking for you can always send me an email with some description - race number and team kit should be enough, and I will see what I can find. The photos here are indicative of what are in the Flickr album.

Now I have been to Southridge a few times in the past, but only once did I go there specifically for the cross country race (XC). That one time I saw little more than the finish area, so as I walked / hiked the course this day, I was rather in awe at how extensive and challenging it actually is. Getting to the top of that bloody mountain was one thing on foot, and a whole other level of extreme on two wheels. The XC portion of Southridge is much more interesting than I ever thought.

the pro men get underway

no DH action for me this weekend, the only downhill photos i got were around the registration area, and lined up for the shuttle

Anyway congratulations to the day's champions:

Gustavo Pedroza - Pro Men
Chloe Cross - Pro Women
Lance Nicholls - Veteran Pro
Sean McElroy - Expert Men U18
Cody Jutovsky - Expert Men (19-26)
Charles Ridal - Expert Men (27-34)
Chad Nicholson - Expert Men (35-42)
Greg Twitty - Expert Men (45-50)
Todd Stephenson - Expert Men (51-58)
Jon Miller - Expert Men (59-66)
Ann Fitzsimmons - Open Women
Hank Evans - Sport Men U18
Grant Hutchinson - Sport Men (19-26)
Jeremy Kneisly - Sport Men (27-34)
Simon Planken - Sport Men (35-42)
Tony Smith - Sport Men (43-50)
Mike Quick - Sport Men (51-59)
Rich Fersch - Sport Men (59+)
Kadi Ninberg - Sport Women (U34)
Tracy Jones - Sport Women (35+)
Grant Mitchell - Beginner Men (9-10)
Hayden Metz - Beginner Men (11-12)
Jack Fitzpatrick - Beginner Men (13-15)
Mason Barrios - Beginner Men (16-18)
Daniel Gama - Beginner Men (19-26)
Christian Holloway - Beginner Men (35-42)
Jason Bailey -Beginner Men (43-50)
Kenya Covarrubia - Beginner Women (U34)
Parker Gross - Single Speed Men (U34)
Randy Smith - Single Speed Men (35+)
Ed Mundy - Expert Men (67+)

Speaking of the photos, you are welcome to download what you see here or in the Flickr album. You can also send me an email address and I will send a full size file, just feel free to give me some recognition as the photographer. There is no charge. But. Yes, there is always a but - when you have some time check out the racing annual (Seasons in the Sun) I publish each year, it is full of photos and stuff from each of the races I made it out to. After that if you like what you saw, order a copy. You can preview the book by clicking the link in the right hand column of this blog.