Upcoming: Dual Duel in the Dirt, the Series for 2015

You may recall a report here at the blog dated sometime around late Summer, and post-marked from a little place called Corriganville. It was a fun little event for mtb and cx, at a hidden park below Rocky Peak in the Santa Susana Mountains. There were some hopes voiced that it would return as a series later in the year, or the following year. And so it is. Four races, one each month, for the first four months of 2015. The Dual in the Dirt will be a two person team relay trail run with relay mountain bike race.

Before I looked closely, I thought the flyer said 15 mile loop with each teammate running four laps. Whoa, hold up there pardner. Only then did I backtrack and notice the decimal point. This is going to be a fun event. And Corriganville is an interesting place to hold it.