Riding Bonelli: Winter

Three days over the past seven have been spent in the dirt and mud at Bonelli Park, so consider this a small photo dump of that time. I have come to like riding at Bonelli this time of year, a sense that has grown with each passing season - the crispness to the air, even on cloudy days, the quiet, the simple difference from summer. One thing I am sure of, these rides will continue into the new year.

a flood came through here. after the last rains to sweep through the region, the creek bed has been scoured and all that arundo growing at the north end of the jungle flattened. the water level of the lake is pretty high as a result.

low fog, high clouds, green grass

trees still turning color

serenity now


a tale of two riders - the one (above) who shifts gears to tackle the hills, and the one below, who stubbornly refuses advice, keeps the chain on the big ring, and walks as a result

a plethora of ducks and other waterfowl on the lake. most of them integrate well though the Canadian Geese, i noticed, keep themselves apart

i have never seen the likes of this one before - larger, and differently colored than the others - there were three of them