Music for a Saturday Morning

I rode along Powerline this morning, stopping briefly to watch the clouds as they sailed along the front of the mountains, giving way to that brilliant blue that only comes along in the wake of a rain. It was a quiet morning, the clouds were hasty in their departure but there was no sound of discord to mark their passing. I shared the little bit of trail with a couple runners, guessing they were from the group formerly known as the CCCP (Claremont Cross County People), one of those rare instances when I see anyone else along Powerline.

Further along the route I rode into the Village where a youth cello group played on one side of Yale, and a few moments later a choral group sang on the other. Still later riding some CX-style laps around the Pomona College Farm, Greek Theatre, and athletic fields, I heard yet more music. A hidden hollow in the middle of that expanse of woodland served as a impromptu sound studio for a small orchestral group, one of those unexpected and surprising moments that tend to occur when out on a bike. 

You don't often see green bikes, the color isn't used all that much really, but back in the Village for lunch, and before the family arrived my own green machine shared rack space with another. Just the two, just for a moment, on a musical morning.