Cycling Claremont: The Farm @ Pomona College

It seems as though the Farm at Pomona College has come a long way since I first walked through it years ago. The building went from empty, unfinished shell to fully functioning center, paths have been defined, trees have grown up, crops have come and gone, chicken coops arrayed, it has even expanded to an East Farm. Though the student body may change on a yearly basis, it seems as though a clear direction has been established for a consistency of planning and effort.

You can visit the Farm, you can help out, I think they even have talks from time to time.
Enjoy, and respect, the work that has gone into it.

The Cycling Claremont series of posts highlight some of the local businesses and sites around town, places I have been known to frequent because I like what they offer, because they are bicycle friendly, or because they provide something unique or interesting, and which visitors to Claremont may also like.