Monday Blues: No Excuses

There I was, an amazing Southern California Sunday morning. I had done a quick loop up into a local canyon, exhaling all unnecessary thoughts from my mind. I was at one with my bike, on a good road. Stopping at the local farmers' market where I was going to meet the wife, I broke out the jersey pocket camera just in case something presented itself. Someone came into view up the street, riding down towards me, with a lengthy pole or something sticking out from both sides of the bike. Hmm, I thought, what the heck is that, before my attention turned a different direction. Just in time, I remembered to check back, and saw this woman, foot all ensconced, and a crutch carried lengthwise across a front basket. She parked her bike, locked it at a rack and hobbled off to take care of some shopping. No excuses. If she can ride...


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