Monday Blues: Bicycle Patent Blueprints

In these days of digital everything, the old blue printing machine has become a relic, museum pieces if lucky, junk otherwise. During my high school years we had one in its own little room off the back of the drafting class. I am pretty sure the door between the two had to be kept open for air circulation otherwise, using the machine, you would quickly be overcome by the ammonia fumes. If I close my eyes I can still smell them today. Oh wait, sorry, that is the cat's litter box over in the corner.

Anyway, digital artist, Nikki Marie Smith has taken numerous of these old bicycle patent blueprints and made them into digital works of art. They may not have the same historical significance of the originals but, nicely framed, any of them would look pretty cool hanging on a wall. Click for her bicycle artwork. Once you are there you can scroll through a couple pages of similar works. If you like what you see, click on 'galleries' up at the page top for other themes by the artist.