Upcoming: Pumpkins, Death Rides, and Velodromes

No connection, or none that I am aware of, just three events of interest that I wanted to make special note of: 

First up is the Pomona Pumpkin Patch Pedal which rides, this Sunday, from downtown Pomona to the Pumpkin Festival at Cal Poly. We would go to the Festival every years, when my son was of an age. It has been a few years now, so I can't vouch that it is the same, but there was a massive field littered with pumpkins you could wander through, looking for just the right one, there were games, food, the farm store, and I don't remember what all else. Oh, I remember now - fun, there was a lot of fun. The Pedal, hosted by the Pomona Valley Bike Coalition is, of course, a better way to get to the Festival because it allows you to avoid the campus parking hassle. 

If you fail to get your fill of climbing this weekend during the El Grande Fondo de Los Angeles Crest and want some more the following Saturday, check into the Deer Creek Death Ride.

And then the following weekend the Los Angeles Grand Prix is returning to the Velo Sports Center. If you have never seen Sarah Hammer circle the track during competition, it is worth it to go there one night just for that. She can rev it up like few others.