Upcoming: Breaking Away in SLO

photo from the SLO IFF website

If you happen to be up in the San Luis Obispo area, or find yourself up there this weekend, first of all consider yourself lucky, because that is not a bad place to wake up in the morning and find yourself. Second, consider checking out Saturday's feature of the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival - yes, it is Breaking Away. 2014 marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the films' release (1979) and in celebration the showing will be marked with a special guest appearance by Dennis Christopher.

It may be too late to see the first film in this particular 'coming of age' themed series (the Goonies is almost as good as Breaking Away), but the third film of the trio will show in November - the silent film Daddy Long Legs featuring live accompaniment by Maria Newman and the Malibu Silent Film Orchestra. 

Some good stuff taking place not too far away. Thanks Wendy, for the heads up on this one.


  1. I just saw this on Netflix recently and it's still a really good film. It didn't feel dated or anything, except for maybe the applause scene in the end. I also found a website that sells Cutters and First National Bank T-shirts.

    1. Continues to top the list of best cycling films.


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