How To Wear A Cycling Cap: Danute 'Bunki' Bankaitis-Davis

one of the many photos printed in the Cycling Log: Diary and Guide for the Cyclist,
1990, which means the photographer was either Rich Cruse or Jim Safford

I went back and forth when trying to determine who the rider on the left is, but finally decided she has to be Danute 'Bunki' Bankaitis-Davis. Beside racing with top women's teams of the era (7 Eleven in this case), Bankaitis-Davis was also a member of the US National Team multiple years during the late 1980s to 1990s. With Jan Boland, Eve Stephenson, and Jeanne Golay, Bankaitis-Davis won Gold at the 1988 Team Time Trial World Championships. She also won the General Classification at the Tour of Norway (1988), and then came 2nd in 1990, and won the G.C. at the  Tour de Toona in 1990 as well. As interesting as that is, Bankaitis went on to excel beyond cycling - she earned a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of North Carolina and has worked in medical research ever since.

The second racer is a little more problematic, though she looks very familiar, and I am sure I will kick myself when someone provides her name. I am thinking Sally Zack, who raced for Lowrey's as well as the National Team during many of the same years as Bankaitis-Davis.