From the Archives: Red Cliffs Mall Criterium, 1994

"Stage 3 - Red Cliff Mall Criterium. Some guy didn't fasten his front skewer and did a face plant before the race even started. Sooooooo, they shortened the race to 30 minutes. A fast start is hardly descriptive, with a decisive gap forming on the first lap. About 20 riders made the cut and I was in the only surviving chase group - 7 or 8 of us. Struggled with them [and] took only 2 pulls and dropped out with 5 to go. A dismal end to a dismal race. Next year."

Probably would not have had as much fun if I had stayed home that weekend, but my racing over the course of the three stage race hardly made the long drive worthwhile.

Don't know who the photo-bomber on the right is, but it took me three takes before deciding that he, in fact, does not have two right hands. And I just got new glasses a few months ago.