Interbike 2014: Cogma Bikewear

More and more we are seeing cycling clothing created for a more casual look. Not that you can't take a series ride while wearing it, but lets go ahead and call it casual wear anyway. Even larger companies, those who have made a name at the sport-oriented side of cycling are getting in on this bandwagon. This is a market that has encouraged many smaller start-ups to join the fray (no pun intended). One of those newer companies making stuff you could wear both on and off the bike is Cogma Bikewear, out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

Lets say you are going to bike night at the local art museum or, better yet, lets say it is not bike night, but there is an opening and you want to ride on over. A perfect choice for you to pull out of the closet would be a Cogma outfit. The museum is just far enough that you don't want to wear stuff you will get all sweaty in, but you also don't want to wear your cycling kit. You will already be click-clacking along the concrete floors, and bright kit will draw even more attention to you. People may think you are some kind of exhibit. Cogma Bikewear would do nicely for the ride over, and then for walking the galleries, viewing the masterpieces. 

The Ladies' miniskirt, "rawr, rawr" is sexy. Guaranteed to draw attention. For modesty, it does pair with a sleek short. The skirt is either pleated, or comes with a slit so that it is not constricting while in the saddle. Ladies' tops come with pockets. Mens' button-up shirts came with hidden, zippered pockets at the sides. The material used is light, breathable, and quick-drying. There is also a certain amount of stretch to it, and the cut is such that the shirts won't constrict movement when hunched over the bars. Speaking of bars, there are a couple craft breweries nearby that would make for an outstanding destination while wearing one of Cogma's shirt/jerseys. While the look may say casual, there is no reason at all you couldn't wear one of these outfits weaving along the local dirt trail, or huffing and puffing up that climb just out of town.

I hope some of the dealers made it around to the Cogma booth, they were rather out of the way, which was unfortunate because they, like their clothing, deserves to be seen. Check out the Cogma Bikewear website, but keep in mind that the 2015 line is not yet up. While you are at it, go ahead and like them on Facebook as well.

This review, as with all the reviews from Interbike 2014, is as honest as I can make it. I have received no payment, nor any promise of remuneration for my opinions and observations regarding the product being reviewed.

Side pocket of the mens' jersey. Red on the inside only shows when unzipped.