Bollard + Stickers

A steel pipe bollard at the entrance to a stretch of bike path. Non-descript, but hard to miss. No, better yet something you don't want to miss. There would be consequences. Even so, how does it begin to collect stickers? I mean who just happens to carry stickers around with them for that moment when they find that right spot?

Do you ride past this bollard every day and one morning say to yourself "you know, that USA Cycling sticker i got with my license would look right at home there." Or maybe it was the Sidi sticker that started it. Or the one you can't read anymore. In other words, maybe it is not a random decision, but a planned one. There is at least a minimum of predictability in evidence - they are cycling stickers, it is a bike path.

It is something i would have to plan, which should not be surprising to anyone who knows me. I would be riding around, and there it would be, like the door of the Velo in Claremont, the inside walls of a Wahoo's, or the transformer box behind Schat's Bakery in Bishop. Places that have accumulated many, many stickers over the years. Places where stickers multiply quicker than any pair of lonely rabbits. I will have to go back and see if those two have spawned adherents.