Monday Blues, and Greens, Yellows, Browns (Revisited)

A way back in April i received a request for an update on the Paul Santoleri mural, entitled Bridges, that was in the process of being in stalled at Pitzer College at the time i originally posted about it (September 2013). Unfortunately it is one of those massive murals that i just cannot get in one shot. Sure i could move further back, but with each few steps another tree comes between me and the subject. I also tried taking photos of sections then overlapping them on the computer; that was going okay until i found that i had a two or three foot gap that was missed. 

Anyway, my point is that there is no adequate means to get  a full shot of the work. That said, check out the artists' website (scroll down, it is only a couple posts below the top) which includes some wide angle shots of the mural, as well as a short video.