Stone Cold Multiplication

So, i posted about this multiplicity of hoodoos at Bonelli Park back in May. Until last week, i had not visited that trail to see how the encampment was faring. It did not seem as though any new converts had sprouted around the mountainside but there are so many it is rather hard to tell. I leaned my bike against one of the big-bottomed ones right alongside the trail and turned my back for just a minute to take a photo of some of the downslope population. Just a minute, and when i turned back around there was a new one right atop my saddle; a stubby little one with a pointy conical top.

I am not sure what prompted the sudden birthing which was okay up to the point i decided it was time to start pedaling again. Problem. New mother bears, new mother dogs and, i suppose, new mothers in general don't take kindly to strangers messing with their young. Fortunately new mother hoodoos don't seem to bothered in the slightest. Even so, i tried to gently settle the young 'un on the ground. It went well until the pointy top which i just could not get to balance. It must have had something to do with the tilt of the saddle, or the lean of the bike; no matter what i tried it kept flopping to the ground. The seconds began to add up, and i could sense eyes watching with concern and anxiety. Perhaps some hostility was beginning to surface as well and so, frustrated at being put in such an awkward spot, i shouted some curses at the watchers first, but mostly at my own inability to reach a quick and easy solution.

If you happen to be riding by help out this brother, see if you can't set things straight again. Just watch your back. And your bike.