Funky Water

I rode right past this on the way down river on the SGRT without noticing it. I suppose coming back up was slower going. Anyway, i am not sure what is in there, what percentage of liquid is actually H2O, but it is some funkadelic cocktail brewing in the sun. It would be one thing if it were just the dark green, but then you've got that neon stuff swirling around. I would like to have been there in the evening when the lighting was better, since this shot really does not do the hues justice. Remember Slimy in Ghostbusters? I would half expect him to rise out of that stuff.


  1. yikes! radioactive waste perhaps ?

  2. Yah, i don't know. I thought maybe a whole lot of nitrates, but there is no agriculture around, so maybe. It certainly has that radioactive look to it.


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