Friday Query: Lil' Herbert and Other Talismans

How many people have talismans, in one form or another, attached to their bikes? My road bikes have never been so graced, though i did ride for a number of years with a tattered Irish flag dangling from the back of my saddle. The bridge between the seat stays of this particular mountain bike have served as a perch for Herbert for as much as, though probably not quite, ten years now. He fell out of one of those gum ball type vending machines one night at the local Round Table Pizza joint. He and a couple cousins, siblings, or whatever relations aliens have, found a home at our house. I would find them on dressers, or shelves, in bath tubs, or just the middle of the floor.

I have mentioned previously that Herbert takes his name from Kirk, of Star Trek fame, whom a group of space hippies took to calling, that apparently derogatory name. I can't remember the reason anymore, but one day i decided that stay-bridge would make a good spot for Herb. A couple drops of super glue later and there he was, stuck fast, and there he has been ever since.

Anyway, after a quick and very dusty mountain bike ride this morning, i settled down to a little chain maintenance only to discover that lil' Herbert had become so dust covered that you couldn't make out any of his features. He to got a little cleaning up too.

Local cycling aficionado, Erik recently posted about the Jack (Mr. in the Box) head which has become wedged in between the stays of his road bike, and has apparently been there for many years. I have also read some threads on various forums about talismans, and other just plain goofy accoutrements that have made their way onto peoples bikes. 

So, fess up - do you have one? And if so, what and where?