This Bud's For You, 25 June: A New Champion

We have a winner, and he is not one of those two who have dominated the past couple months. This weeks Bud's crown is for you, Greg Goodwine. I could have sworn i got the second place finisher in the frame, but as you can see by the long shadows, the gap between first and second was a healthy one. Something, or someone, clearly blew the race apart near the end; while there was a good group of sixteen or so riders up front, the remainder of the ex-peloton, was scattered as singles, pairs and trios all the way back along the finishing straight. Although, i guess that is not really unusual; no matter how mean the pace may be for the first few laps, it can be counted on to become ever more diabolical for the final one.

charging to the line in a purple haze, kind of sums up a frenetic sprint at the end of a race:

"Purple haze all around,
don't know if i'm coming up or down.
Am i happy or in misery?"
- Jimi Hendrix, of course.