QuarryCross CX Anyone?

I can see it now, the headlines will read "Quarry Cross, It's the Pits", but the interpretation will be good, rather than the opposite of good.

For some time now i have given thought to these old quarry pits dug out of land belonging to the Claremont Colleges. A little further south along Claremont Blvd a couple were filled in a number of years ago for residential and commercial development, as well as for college expansion. This one still exists as an open pit.

So, how about holding a cyclocross race in it? There is plenty of room for parking, and plenty more to layout a challenging course. There are multiple levels to the pit for short punchy climbs, some descent to get your speed on, ready-built sand pit opportunities, a nice long start / finish straight. My only experience in the quarry area is at the old archery range, so i am not sure how rocky the bottom is, nor the sweeping top portion just below Foothill; if not too bad it just adds to the challenge, yes? Any coyotes living in there would add a new challenge, and how many CX races can say they include 'coyote-dodge' as an obstacle? 

Across Arrow Route are food and drink establishments, though you could always bring trucks in. Since CX takes place during the Autumn and Winter, there would be a ready spectator base from the colleges, you could even add a collegiate race - hook a newbie into the sport. If it rains just before the race, so much the better, it might be enough to form a pond. On the other hand, if it is sunny, remember to bring your own shade, there is not much to go around. Honestly, i don't know how the Colleges are to work with, for permitting and all, but how much more difficult could they be than a city parks department; it is unused space after all.

So, it's the pits because, well, because you race in a pit you see. Clever huh?


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