No Thanks Required

This dude was squared off with one lucky squirrel as i caromed down San Dimas Canyon Road this morning. The rattle of my bike over a rough patch of tarmac was enough to shatter the trance, break the spell of the stare-down between the two adversaries, hunter and prey. At that point, the squirrely one turned tail and bolted down the road ahead of me. There could have been, at the least, a small nod of appreciation, a wave of that bushy tail in recognition and thanks, some of that nervous chatter that squirrels are wont to engage in. But no. Nothing before he leapt into the brush at the verge and disappeared, heart rate easily doubling my maximum, whatever that might happen to be.

 I knew a paragraph's worth of story when faced with it, so i made a quick u-turn for a shot of the one with the forked tongue. He too turned his back on me, though, and all i got was this resultant pic. His disdain i can understand - the interruption may have been his best meal opportunity of the day. There was no way for me to win in this situation - help one, hinder the other.


  1. oh i'm terrified of snakes!

    1. They're not soooo bad. You just don't want to surprise one.


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