From the Archives: Once and Future Rag

Look what I pulled out of the rag bag the other day.

At some point I cut the sleeves off this teeshirt, and then the collar as well. I bet it was when I lived in that sauna of an apartment in Burbank. By that point in time it had become a shirt for mucking around it. Eventually it became unsuitable even for that and was tossed into the rag bag. Eventually other shirts were discarded into the same bag, socks with one too many holes, worn sheeting, etc, and this one sank further and further down. Things have a way of evening out though, and I began pulling rags out more frequently than tossing them in. Like an archaeologist digging through the strata in some god-forsaken desert waste to reveal eons of human history, my own little dig revealed years of my own history. Mementos of past events, nothing that might provide insight into the decline of Western civilization mind you, but certainly clear evidence of questionable choices in clothing.

Anyway, this old shirt which exceeded its wearability date years ago has finally made it out of confinement and will be given one final use in life, cleaning the households bikes. I have posted up a few photos from the Mexican Independence Day Criterium as From the Archives features before, all at the old blog. If you missed them you can click on the following three links: photo, photo, photo.