Weekending C & V: Masi 3V

This does not qualify as a twin to the Masi which Dave Stoller broke away on. I am not even sure you can call it a sibling, but it is as close to a kissing cousin as you can get. Saw it in Pasadena last Saturday during the Amgen Tour of California.

This could be a 1984 model, but I am not sure. Another I have seen, and supposedly from that first production year, did not have the pump peg that this one does. The 3V refers to the oversized tubing used for this model beginning in 1984, a design component they called 'Volumetrica'. This made for a more rigid frame, often noted as the most rigid in its time. Anyway, it is certainly classic steel. The Campy headset and the chromed fork crown are nice touches of classicism too. Given that, plus its orange tone, I wonder if Masi designed it as a nod of recognition to Dave's orange ride.