Upcoming: LACBC, PVBC, and GMR/GRR

The upcoming Sunday is the final day of the Amgen Tour of California - normally this is not something I would want to miss. However, since I am hoping to be at both preceding stages, I might be ready for an alternative, a chance to ride rather than just watch other people ride. If you want an alternative, consider the Jon Riddle led, LACBC hosted (and this time co-hosted by the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition) monthly ride. For the May ride, the group will meet in Claremont, at the Depot, ride over to, and climb Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Ridge Road, descend to Baldy Village, and then on down Mt. Baldy Road back to Claremont. Hopefully GMR will be reopened by then (currently it is Red Flagged due to extreme heat and wind). It is no slouch of a ride, and if you are thinking of doing it, come prepared. Read all the important info here.